Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Obligatory Top 10

What end-of-the-summer, end-of-the-trip blog would be complete without a top 10 list?

10. Pagodas, pagodas...and more pagodas.

9. Tailor-made clothes: cutting out the Western middle man and going straight to the source.

8. Multiple karaoke sessions - who knew Lionel Ritchie was so big in SE Asia?

7. Nuns.

6. Being some of the tallest people in an entire country of 90 million souls.

5. Watching East meets West-ern medicine...while only working 6 hours per day.

4. Finding beach bungalows - all along the South China Sea coastline.

3. Cheap eats on a red stool as good as any $30 entree at an Asian fusion hot spot in the states.

2. Having our first conversation over dinner...entirely in Vietnamese.

1. Seeing the Que Huong (the homeland).


charlie said...

Absolutely wonderful. I am so happy that you two shared this experience that you will remember forever. It definitely tops the weekend Mom and I spent in Gatlinburg after we got married.

richard raymond said...

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