Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Trip down the Perfume River

First, an apology to those of you following the blog. Our last 2 weeks in Hue were spent living in the city, carrying out a daily routine of work at the hospital in the morning, lounging by the pool after lunch, Vietnamese classes at the local University in the afternoon, and discovering a delicious new spot to eat each night. We thoroughly enjoyed our little attempt at becoming part of the fabric of everyday life in Hue, but it didn't make for dramatic blogging.

We finally hit up the main tourist attraction in Hue during our last week. The beautiful Perfume River runs through the center of Hue then meanders on past the royal tombs built by the emperors of the Nguyen dynasty in the 1800s. It is a relaxing and efficient way to the city sights, and despite its clearly touristy nature Doannie managed to have a good time. Here are a few of the highlights...

The Tomb of Khai Dinh: Known for his extreme vanity, his tomb is famous for its small army of mandarins. Can you pick Doannie out of the crowd?

The Tomb of Tu Duc: Known for his love of poetry and his dedication to building beautiful grounds, his complex also housed over 100 wives and thousands of concubines. Doannie hangs out in the ruins of the concubine palace.

The Monastary where Doannie's mother's cousin Cau Han waited out the American War:

Trying my hand at making incense at a shop alongside the river: This area is also famous for the construction of the most well-photographed symbol of Vietnam - the conical hat, or non la.

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Wayne said...

Hi, I'm a new reader of your blog and have enjoyed your adventures thus far. Regarding Hue cuisine, if you haven't already tried Lac Thien, 6 DinhTien Hoang, the restaurant owned by a deaf mute family, make a point of it. The food, as you would expect, was very good. My wife and I(Dec.2005) ate lunch on the second floor balcony and added our signatures, etc. to the hundreds of tourists' writings. We were presented with one of the famous proprietor-made-on-the-spot beer bottle de-cappers. I'm jealous of your travels. We were in-country for one month--way too short. We dream about returning for Hanoi's 1000th celebration. Wayne